About Safety Glasses USA

Way back in October 2000, Safety Glasses USA was started by a former Marine with an idea, two computers, and a garage. His vision was to provide an easy way for people to find and purchase the best safety eyewear available.

Over the years our fast-growing company worked hard to provide an easy-to-use website and a friendly, well-trained staff, knowledgeable about the various safety eyewear styles and their uses. We researched and evaluated thousands of products so we could recommend the best products for any environment or situation.

Fast forward to today, and SafetyGlassesUSA.com has outgrown that garage several times over and is a leading online retailer of safety eyewear, sunglasses, and personal protection equipment. Our product lines feature over 60 brands and thousands of SKU's. We also became a certified Veteran-Owned Small Business.

We still believe in old school values and pride ourselves on providing world-class customer service. You will always talk to, chat with or email a live, highly trained representative. Our loyal customers have provided us with over 41,000 customer reviews with a 4.7-star average rating.

Even though the internet has made our operations worldwide, our heart and soul is still located in the small city of Three Rivers, Michigan. If you find yourself passing through our historic town, please stop in for a visit, we'd love to chat.

Safety Glasses USA Teams Up With SportRx!

We're happy to have teamed up with SportRx to offer you the best prescription eyewear available. SportRx specializes in wrap-around prescription lenses, which means they can fit prescription lenses to your favorite sunglasses, safety eyewear, goggles and more! Plus, they make every prescription lens in-house, so their quality is guaranteed.

About SportRx

SportRx is a Southern California-based company that was built by active opticians who ride their bikes, run their races, push their jogging strollers, and bomb down ski slopes. For nearly two decades, they have specialized in custom prescription sunglasses and snow goggles for athletes in virtually every sport, and have mastered the art of prescription wrap-around lenses.

Since 1996, SportRx has been on a mission to help people see better while doing the things they love. They strive to create the best prescription eyewear that is tailored uniquely to your sport and vision needs – no matter how extreme your prescription (or your sport!).

Why Buy From Us?

FREE Shipping – Paying for standard shipping is so 2004. And besides, who doesn’t love free stuff? Shop SportRx now and enjoy standard shipping – on the house!

Easy Returns – Our goal is to help you see better while doing the things you love. And if we don’t, we die a little bit inside. That’s why we came up with our See Better Guarantee! You won’t find anything like it in the industry. If you don’t LOVE your glasses, send them back, and we’ll make you new ones or give you a FULL refund. And we take care of shipping BOTH ways! We take pride in our work, and we’ll go to extremes to make sure you’re happy with the glasses we make for you.

Expert Opticians – a.k.a. Optics Ninjas who know their stuff! Anytime you call us, you are speaking directly to a REAL person who is a specialist in the field and who understands the unique needs of an athlete. Heck. They may even play the same sport as you. You will never be connected to some obscure call center reading off a script or giving you the runaround.

Real Human Beings – Are we online? Yes. But does that mean your order is handled by automated robots? Absolutely not. A human being touches every order in each step of the process. In fact, every single order that comes through is reviewed and approved by an optician before it goes into production. We’ll even give you a call if we think you selected the hot pink sunglass frames by mistake. (True story.)

Advanced Digital Technology – SportRx has the best optical lab on the planet! With digital wrap compensation, 3D CAD and MEI machinery, optical coating chambers, and digital lens surfacing, we stay at the forefront of the industry when it comes to making the best wrap-around sunglasses with even the most powerful prescriptions! If you've had your heart broken by an optometrist because they told you it was impossible to get your favorite sunglasses in prescription, we welcome you with open arms! Working with challenging orders is fun for us!

Options, Options, Options – Glasses on glasses on glasses. We've got you covered – not only when it comes to sports sunglasses, but also your ordinary eyeglasses, swim goggles, and yes, even prescription snow goggles! Bifocal sunglasses, progressives, light-adjusting lenses, polarized lenses, mirror coatings, you name it, we've got it!

Exceptional Customer Service – Think of us as the Nordstrom of the Eyewear Industry. Anytime you call (or send us a LIVE Chat), there is a real optician on the other end who is dedicated to giving you the most amazing, personalized customer service. Not sure what you need? Our sports opticians will get to know your preferences, playing conditions, climate, lighting conditions, birthday, favorite TV shows, hopes, dreams, and childhood memories, and help guide you in picking out the perfect frame and lens configuration for your needs.